H & H Lee Surgical Research Scholars Program


     A Surgical Research Grant has been established and will begin July 1st of the coming academic year.  The purpose of this program is to provide funds to support the scholarly work of UCLA surgical residents that are completing a one or two year research fellowship as part of their clinical training. The grants are intended to provide funds for salary of the residents during their research years. The program's first priority is to residents that will be working under the mentorship and guidance of UCLA surgical faculty.  Additionally, junior faculty members, those on the faculty two years or less following the completion of their training, may also apply.  They must follow the exact same application process and rules that apply to residents.  The number of Grants is quite limited so only one faculty grant will be accepted from each Department/Division.  Grants will be funded based on their excellence.  However, Departments/Divisions having received a faculty grant will have a lower priority than those who have not.  

     These grants are developed to match an equal sum of support to be provided by the sponsoring department, division or faculty in the Department of Surgery and its Divisions and the Department of Urology, Orthopaedics or Neurosurgery; for residents and junior faculty.  Matching funds will not be required for Junior Faculty who have already been on staff. The grants will be for $25,000 per year and may be renewed only by residents by reapplication for up to two years. An exception for a third year may be considered for scholars that are enrolled in the STAR program leading to a PHD.

Applicant Qualifications:

  • A resident must be enrolled in the ACGME program within one of the four UCLA Surgical Departments.

  • The applicant must have approval and plan for a dedicated one  year research program with an identified UCLA Surgical Faculty mentor.  This is also mandatory for a second year renewal grant.  Candidates may have secondary mentors or sponsors in other departments. (Basic Science or other disciplines).

  • The department, division or faculty mentor must provide certification of matching funds for salary and support of the research.

Applications Process:  Applications can be downloaded from the web site: www.hhleegrants.org.

  • A limited number of grants may be available for each year in the amount of $25,000.

  • Applications must be received by February 1st of the year to be considered for the research and funding will begin July 1st.  The Research Grant will begin July 1st of the academic year.

  • The application must be accompanied by a letter from the department chair or division chief supporting the applicant as well as providing the source of the matching funds. Also it is most important to state why these funds are needed as both excellence of the research and need will be strongly considered.

  • The faculty mentor should provide a letter of support  that includes commitment to the mentoring of the applicant, evaluation/support of the applicants research plans, and update if award is extended for the second year. 

  • The applicant should provide a statement of the research plan, timeline, and research goals, as well as a copy of the applicants current curriculum vitae.

  • Renewal of the grant will require a second application, progress report and mentor update.

Selection Process:

  • Applications will be reviewed and ranked on a competitive basis.

  • The merits of the research plan and the commitment of the applicant and mentor to the program will be considered in the selection process.  Strong support of the departmental leadership will also weigh into the selection process.

  • Your Research Grant requites you to submit two reports:  The first report will be given at the annual meeting of the Bialock Foundation, which is usually held in early March.  This is a luncheon meeting and you should be prepared to give a short verbal presentation describing and reporting on the status of your research project.  We greatly encourage you to attend but should this be impossible, your mentor should give the presentation.  The second is due June 1st.  This written report can be brief and should summarize the progress made as a result of your research and how the funds have been utilized.  The report is to be approved by your mentor and e-mailed to application@hhleegrants.org.  Since we do not have a staff, there will be no reminder notices, so we suggest that you mark your calendar now.  Failure to submit this report may jeopardize your Department's participation in future funding.

  • Publications from your research year should cite that they were: "Supported in part by the H H LEE RESEARCH PROGRAM".  Please acknowledge agreeing to this in a return e-mail.

Application: (Download Now)

The following four elements of the application are to be assembled by the candidate and forwarded electronically by February 1.

Applicant Letter Content:

  • Candidates name and contact information

  • Current department and level of residency or junior faculty status

  • Identification of primary and secondary mentors

  • Intended duration and dates of research fellowship

  • Career goals and vision; briefly

  • Statement of any funding or awards exclusive of matching funds

  • Source and amount of matching funds from the department, division or mentor

  • Copy of current CV for the applicant; as an attachment

Plan of research:

  • One page summary of research plan

  • Goals of research plan and what milestones can be expected

  • Relative contribution of this research to scientific knowledge and clinical care

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